Hiniker NH3 Equipment

Sutton Irrigation is your source for Hiniker NH3 Anhydrous Equipment.  From heat exchangers, to flow controllers to Speed Sensors, we can put together the entire package for you.  Come and see us and we can talk about how we can help your with your anyhrdrous application needs.

GPS Ground Speed Sensor

Heat Exchanger

8605 Rate Controller

System Benefits

8605 Components

Stepper Motor Servo Valve 1 Inch Stainless Steel

The precision of the motor allows for pinpoint position of the valve for optimum flow control.

A Stepper Motor is a 12 Volt DC Brushless Motor which, when given a command from the 8605 Controller will move a precise and repeatable distance-one step is equal to one tenth of one degree (900 steps full open to full close)


The HM860 is a general purpose flowmeter. This stainless steel flowmeter is recommended for herbicides, insecticides, liquid fertilizer and anhydrous ammonia.

The operating range is 3 to 70 gallons per minute. Maximum pressure is 400 psi.

Other flowmeters are available for low application rates.

Hub Plate Sensor

The Hub Plate Sensor works on all implement wheels or non-driven tractor wheels.

Plates for four, five, six, and eight bolt wheels are available.

Optional radar interface modules are available to connect the tractor radar system to the 8605 Controller.

Heat Exchanger

For anhydrous ammonia applications is required. The Heat Exchanger condenses vapor to a liquid to allow accurate measurement and control.